Melissa, Studio Verve Owner, was first introduced to Pilates by way of a DVD in college at a time when Pilates was an “alternative” fitness regimen. She knew the technique and teachings of Joseph Pilates would be life changing.
The years following proved this to be true and were spent immersed in the Industry, learning various Pilates methods, including Power Pilates, Balanced Body and Stott.

Melissa’s style of teaching focuses on the mind body synergy of Pilates and aids her clients in perfecting their muscle recruitment patterns, awareness of body response and control such that their work in the studio stays with them outside of the studio, enhancing their everyday life.

She has a keen ability to push clients to their personal limits, making for great results and changes they love, while staying safe, low impact and kind to the body – the essence of Pilates! 

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Melissa has lived in the valley of the sun since 2004 and calls Arcadia her home. Melissa graduated with a BS in Marketing and Minors in both Chemistry and Biology from DeSales University in Allentown, PA. She has held Corporate Marketing, Sales Management and Corporative Giving positions with Fortune 500 Companies but it was her entrepreneurial spirit and passion of Pilates that, ultimately, gave her the gusto to boot strap her way into the wonderful world of Pilates Studio ownership.

Outside of the studio, Melissa loves to travel, spend time with her family, friends and is a self pro claimed Juice/Smoothie junkie.  Need a smoothie recipe – ask her!


Chelsea was first introduced to Pilates by way of her education and involvement in dance. Beginning at a young age, she progressed to studying and performing classical ballet & contemporary dance with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Pittsburgh Dance Alloy, Pittsburgh CLO, and Point Park University. Throughout her training, she benefited greatly from the athletic conditioning and balance that Pilates provided her.

Chelsea became a certified Pilates mat instructor during her time at ASU where graduated with a degree in dance. She continued further in her education by completing a mat and reformer Pilates training through Balanced Body and has been teaching the wonderful teaching of Pilates ever since. She has developed barre and Pilates classes for yoga and Pilates studios around the valley.
Her passion for health and wellness has motivated her to teach dance and Pilates around Phoenix to help others also find the same enjoyment and daily balance from their workouts. Her mission is to help her clients look good, feel good, and be happy. Her classes are high energy, form focused and fun!


Jessica was born and bred in Phoenix, AZ. She started dancing at age 7 which began her love affair with all things movement. In 2011, she moved to Sydney, Australia to get a Dance degree and is now pursuing an Exercise Science degree (she will be finished soon!).

When she took her first Mat Pilates class she said “I love this, I can see myself teaching this!” Fast forward a few years and she received her Mat Pilates Certification in 2015 through Pilates Sports Center and continued on to complete her comprehensive training in 2017.

She teaches throughout the valley and her classes are form/function focused but fun and accessible for everyone. She’s playful and a bit silly but knows her stuff – a few laughs during class are guaranteed! She promises you will see change in your body if you come to class regularly. See you in class 🙂


Jamie was introduced to Pilates in 2003 when a fellow instructor suggested she try a mat class. This very quickly grew into a passion and love that was unparalleled to anything else she had experienced. Jamie’s connection to the discipline and hard work of Pilates led her to dive deeper into education and the idea of teaching.

She started off as a client with Studio Verve over 6 years ago and got her feet wet as an instructor thru a Pilates Mat & quickly following a TRX Certification.  Since 2013 she has been sharing her love of mindful movement at the studio thru our TRX & Mat Pilates program. Wanting to expand into Pilates equipment instruction, she pursued a PSC Pilates Certification in Reformer, Chair and Cadillac and continues to attend workshops and conferences to expand her knowledge. Jamie is enthusiastic and welcoming to all of her clients.  

Jamie’s classes are fun and upbeat and you will feel accomplished after each session.  She holds a BA in Communication from California State University Long Beach and enjoys spending time with her husband and two beautiful daughters.