In-Studio Safety Guidelines

Hello & thank you for visiting Studio Verve!

We are beyond grateful for your continued support – We need you now more then ever and hope you will have confidence in coming to see us!  We promise to do everything we can to keep your immunity strong, our studio safe and your body moving so you can get back to being you!


  • Please use hand sanitizer by the front door as soon as you come into the studio.
  • All apparatus is 6.5 feet apart for private/semi private training.
  • Masks may be requested for your instructor to wear in private training sessions
  • Personal handle/foot loops are available that can be purchased thru the studio. 
  • Only 6-8 clients to a group session and no more than 10 people total will be on site at once.
  • Fans have been eliminated to promote less movement of air from station to station.
  • Medical Grade HEPA air cleaners are used in the studio at all times.
  • Windows and doors are opened throughout the day for fresh air and circulation.
  • New EPA non toxic cleaner is used throughout the day – multiple times – approved to kill SARS virus.
  • Throw away paper towels are used to clean each station.
  • Virtual options are available for Personal Training.
  • We kindly request that anyone not feeling well with a fever to stay home and offer pauses on enrollments to do so.
Thank you for your understanding.  We can’t wait to see you in person or online!  Please call us with any questions – 602-956-0222