VERVE  /vərv/ noun.
1. great vitality, vigor + liveliness; sparkle
2. enthusiasm in expression of ideas


Studio Verve Pilates is a boutique studio offering mat and reformer pilates, TRX and nutritional programs in Phoenix, Arizona. We are pretty serious about delivering a verve experience for our clients.  We stand for nothing less.



Pilates is a total body workout with low impact + high results.
Focused on strengthening the core + elongating musculature to develop a toned, svelte physique.
Spring resistance + various props use tension to strengthen + align.
Find healing through the movement + a body that is strong, lean + defined.



Centering. Control. Flow. Breath. Precision. Concentration.


The six pillars of Pilates.
If we don’t find discipline in each of the six pillars, we find imbalance.
Over time, these imbalances can cause pain, discomfort or limited movement.
By focusing our mind + body to the practice of Pilates, we can rectify these imbalances + strengthen ourselves from the inside out.