VERVE  /vərv/ noun.
1. great vitality, vigor + liveliness; sparkle
2. enthusiasm in expression of ideas


Studio Verve Pilates is a boutique studio offering mat and reformer pilates, TRX and nutritional programs in Phoenix, Arizona. We are pretty serious about delivering a verve experience for our clients.  We stand for nothing less.

We are a teacher training center with comprehensively trained certified instructors. Quality is who we are – You are in Good Hands!


Pilates is a total body workout with low impact + high results.
Focused on strengthening the core + elongating musculature to develop a toned, svelte physique.
Spring resistance + various props use tension to strengthen + align.
Find healing through the movement + a body that is strong, lean + defined.


Who We Serve Best

You are ready to nourish your body – gone are the days of beating yourself up

You are a quality seeker and value personalized attention – you are worth the investment

Tired of gimmicks, challenges, and new work out fads, ready for a regimen you will stick to that gets you results

Typical gyms / bootcamps are not your thing – you want a mind / body connected workout that feels good

You want to tone, eliminate aches and pains, increase flexibility and range of motion

You are dedicated to other fitness modalities and want to cross train for mobility, flexibility and deeper stabilization work

You were injured or currently dealing with an injury and need a safe yet effective workout

You are a kind person and want to be a part of an amazing dedicated, grateful community of like minded people!


Centering. Control. Flow. Breath. Precision. Concentration.


The six pillars of Pilates.
If we don’t find discipline in each of the six pillars, we find imbalance.
Over time, these imbalances can cause pain, discomfort or limited movement.
By focusing our mind + body to the practice of Pilates, we can rectify these imbalances + strengthen ourselves from the inside out.


Hello & we hope you are well ... We are doing our best to keep you MOVING!

We're Open - For private and semi private training only at this time.  Virtual training is also an option and we'll help you get set up. 

Please call the studio directly to schedule at (602)-956-0222

Our Online Virtual Studio has Launched - Check out the class schedule to sign up for a group class.  Once you are registered, 30 minutes prior to the class start time you'll receive an email with the class link and passcode.  

Thank you for your continued support & belief in us!  Let's stay STRONG together.