Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Started

It’s simple! Call us at 1-602-956-0222! We are always around and want to help you determine what is best for you. Or click here and sign up for a new client special. You will enter our online reservation system and create an account. Brand new to Pilates? We recommend a private introductory session at over 60% off to get oriented to the method and studio.

If you have any questions, contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

What if I have an injury or am currently in Physical Therapy? Can I still take Pilates?
The short answer is yes. However, in a private setting only and in some cases — your Physical Therapist or Doctor may not want you practicing at all. We will work with you and your medical team to determine what is best. NOTE: Our Group class service level is for those that have no injuries or limited range of motion issues. Anyone participating in group classes must be able to perform and keep up with all exercises cued in a class and so for our clients best care and experience – private training is the best format allowing us to modify lessons to your specific needs. If a current member experiences an injury that causes significant modifications, we will put your membership on hold and see you in a private setting until you have recovered and injury free.
What to do if the website login/register page on my mobile device is not working?
If you are experiencing login/scheduling issues on the MindBody Express app you need to contact MindBodyOnline directly because the app is not managed by us.
If you can’t access the schedule on our website through your mobile device – read the instructions below.
Sometimes your mobile device needs to have the cache cleared – here’s an article about how to do that:  (this is for iOS so if you have an android phone please  do a quick google search for “clear cache” + your phone model)
Few other tips
  • the Mindbody app on our website works best through Chrome.  If you have that available use that!
  • Try turning your phone on and off if you haven’t already. That tends to re-set things for the better
  • If you still can not login mobile here is the link the PC version – this is not ideal for mobile unfortunately:
What is Your Cancellation Policy?

We require clients to cancel at least eight (8) hours prior to class without penalty. Cancellations must be made online through our online booking solution. All late cancels and no-shows will be charged $10.00 or $15.00 respectively. A class is also deducted from your account for any missed classes.

How to Cancel Membership / Auto Pay?

Please stop by the studio in person anytime from 9 AM thru noon and 1 PM thru 6:30 PM to let the manager on site know.  We will ask you to complete a client exiting questionnaire and go over early termination guidelines  if you are in the middle of a contract.

Account Holds / Vacation / Medical Leave Request
If you need a hold for vacation or medical leave please email with the date of your hold at least 7 days in advance.  There will be a $25 Hold Fee and 1 hold per client is allowed per year.
Medical Hold – Requires doctor’s note for hold and a doctors release note that you are cleared to return to pilates when you return.  We may ask you to return with private training first to ensure your body responds well if post surgery.  No limit on hold time.
Vacation Holds are valid up to 4 weeks maximum.  If you need more flexibility than this a lesser amount of sessions per month or class packages would be the best option for you!   

Plans start at just 4 lessons per month and can be taken at any time in the month, i.e. 2 each week that would make up for being away for 2 weeks.
If you need to cancel or change your plan to coordinate with heavy travel/work commitments, please see “how to cancel or change plan” in the FAQ.
*Please Note:  A hold is not a rate lock in. If rates change during a hold period, upon return new rates would apply to your plan and be communicated to you.
How do I see how many visits I have remaining?

You can access your account information by logging in here and clicking on “Passes” to see your contracts or “Purchases” to see past purchases.

I am on a 4, 8 or 12 session plan but was charged for an extra "member perk" class - why is that?
As a membership perk, we offer you discounted additional sessions – we do not want to discourage you from attending more Pilates!  A registration for a class counts as using one of your sessions in your monthly allotment as a check and balance to ensure everyone is signing up for the amount of sessions they intend to attend.  If you take a class above your scheduled and/or already taken classes, it will count as an extra session and you  will be automatically charged for the extra session with the member perk discount.  If you do not wish to go over your sessions, make sure you look at visits/available passes to ensure you are not overbooking and cancel a reservation to take the different class!  The system will not count it as an “extra” session above your monthly plan.
When Do You Publish Your Class Schedule?

The studio schedule is released for booking by the middle of each month for the next month following. You may book up to two weeks in advance. When you book your class, please arrive 10 minutes early to sign in and set up.

Do You Have Lockers and Showers?

We do not have showers and utilize our bathroom or office as a changing area. We have cubbies to place any personal belongings in during class.

What should I wear to class? What should I bring?

Please bring a bottle of water, a towel perhaps and get excited! We do have water for purchase at the studio. Try to wear tight-fitting exercise clothing that allows you to sweat. Come with an open mind and be prepared to move your body and have fun.

How Often Should I Practice Pilates?

A successful pilates practice requires consistency and commitment. To experience the true benefits of Pilates, we recommend practicing three to five days per week. A practice of two to three days per week, if consistent, will create transformation over time. Develop consistency in your practice and you will see results. If you are active in other activities outside of Pilates (running, tennis, etc.) two sessions per week may be plenty, depending on your goals.

What if I Am Not That Flexible?

Flexibility is something Pilates gives you so you don’t have to be flexible to begin. One of the main benefits of Pilates is that it brings flexibility to the body. When you sit a lot during the work day, or when you’re engaging in repetitive motion activities, you’re shortening your muscles. Pilates allows you to lengthen, expand and release toxins that build up during these activities.

I arrived a few minutes late to class and the door was locked. Why is that?

We are so sorry. It’s our priority to honor and respect our student’s time. Therefore, we promptly begin and end class on time, and we lock the door after 5 minutes into each class out of respect to the students who are taking class. Please show up to class at least 5 – 10 minutes early so that we can provide a timely and enjoyable class for everyone.


I am new to Pilates. Anything I should know?

Yes. We have an encouraging environment where all levels and abilities can participate together. Ask one of our Pilates instructors or front desk personnel for the best class to fit your needs.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Pilates?

Some of the significant benefits include stress reduction (if you allow it), elimination of back pain, weight loss by building muscles mass, increased blood circulation, improved flexibility, increased strength, improved sleep and relaxation.