500+ Hour Comprehensive Pilates Certification Teacher Training Program

Requirements for the Pilates Comprehensive Eligibility


Please review the eligibility requirements for the Pilates Comprehensive National Pilates Certification program (NPCP) 

Teacher Training Program on Hold

Due to COVID-19 and the continued pandemic, our boutique studio is still recovering at this time and putting our Teacher Training program on hold until further notice. We highly recommend all interested in a Pilates Certification to actively practice Pilates either with us or a studio that is aligned with Pilates Method Alliance standards and teachers who have completed 450+ hour Teacher Training programs.

Please visit our New Clients Specials page to get started as a student with us! We’d love to have you. Being a student and learning the Pilates Method in your own body is the first and one of the most important steps in pursuing a Pilates Teacher Certification.

Please Contact Us or complete the form below and we will be in touch once we relaunch our program. Thank you.

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Our Pilates teacher training program was developed to ensure all of our graduates receive the highest level of education and are well prepared to transition from a Pilates student to a Pilates teacher if they so choose to do so.  As well, our program is a great way to dive into the method as a Practiioner as an alternative or a supplement to your personal practice.  Our comprehensive program meets the requirements for Pilates Method Alliance certification eligibility. Over the course of our program, aspiring instructors will develop confidence and the knowledge to guide a Pilates session with their unique teaching style.  Our goal is to provide the Pilates training needed for you to deepen your own Pilates practice or making a move to a new path in teaching fitness.


Training includes: 

  • Copy of “Return to Life” by Joseph Pilates
  • Pilates History & Foundations
  • Anatomy & Movement Principles
  • Client Assessment, Program Design & Review
  • Lecture Intensive weekends by module/apparatus covering all elements needed to become a PMA Certified Pilates Instructor
  • Cassical repertoire and contemporary idealogy with Pilates Props
  • Necessary modifications for injuries & special populations
  • Learn the why and how of Pilates exercises on all apparatus including Reformer, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Tower & Cadillac
  • Critical thinking skills in designing Pilates Classes – both group and private
  • Industry Standards, Professionalism and Code of Ethics 
  • Access to a team of seasoned instructors ready and willing to help you in your journey
  • Studio hours for self practice, observation & practice teaching included
  • Practical Exams/Test Out for each Module included with Certificate of Completion upon passing

Teacher Training Modules & Pricing

Course Fees

Fast Track Beginner/Intermediate Foundations/Anatomy, Mat & Reformer Pilates – $1,500 (3 weekend lecture intensives) 200 Hour Program

Fast Track Intermediate/Advanced Anatomy Review, Mat & Reformer Pilates – $1,000 (2 weekend lecture intensives) 100 Hour Program
Mat Training Only Basic, Intermediate & Advanced – $750
Apparatus for full Comprehensive Certification:
  • Cadillac/Tower – $750 (1 weekend) 100 Hour
  • Chair – $450 (1 weekend) 75 Hour
  • Barrels & Small props – $450 (1 weekend) 75 Hour

Practical Test-out Fees*

  • 2 hour test out for mat and reformer module: $200 each
  • 1 hour test out for all other modules: $100 each
Not paid until test outs are scheduled
*Required for Pilates Method Alliance Certification
Manual Fee – $50 per module
Private Monthly Mentorship program – $250 includes 2 private training hours with Q&A (1.5 hour each session) per month with a Master Level instructor.   Ongoing support and direct email/phone access to mentors.  Great for continuing education and real time feedback while completing observation, self practice and practice teaching hours.

Training Dates

Fast Track BASIC Mat &  Reformer:

Foundations / Anatomy / Movement Principles & Pre Pilates:


BASIC / INTERMEDIATE Weekend 2 Mat & Reformer:


Fast Track INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED Mat &  Reformer:

Intermediate / Advanced Mat & Reformer:

Intermediate / Advanced Weekend 2 Mat & Reformer:



Barrels & Small Props: 

Ready to deepen your practice and discover a new career path?

Why Studio Verve Teacher Training?

  • Centralized locaion in the beautiful Biltmore/Arcadia neighborhoods in Phoenix, AZ
  • Convenient weekend intensive schedule just once per month for most modules
  • Torn between classical and contemporary approaches? We teach both.
  • Learn to develop programming for both private and group training settings.
  • Our Program is inspired by various Pilates Disciplines and encourages our Trainees to establish their own style
  • Hands on personlized approach in a busy, successful studio giving you real world exposure into the Pilates Industry.
  • No one master trainer holds the key to your training. Learn from a team of seasoned and successful instructors with a combined 100+ years of experience.
  • Observation, self-practice, and practice teaching hours with use of the studio are included.  
  • Upon completion, you are eligible for employment with the studio. ***Please note, employment is not guaranteed.***
  • Our modular based program is flexible. Go module by module and complete the comprehensive program based on your schedule and needs. 
  • Meets requirements for you to obain The PIlates Method Alliance “Certified Pilates Teacher” designation – PMA-CPT (requires full comprhensive training)
  • Whether you are looking to develop your personal practice, teach part time, or make a jump to a new career, our program will set you up for success.

Meet the Teacher Trainers

Melissa Murray

Melissa, Studio Verve Owner, was first introduced to Pilates by way of a DVD in college at a time when Pilates was an “alternative” fitness regimen. She knew the technique and teachings of Joseph Pilates would be life changing.
The years following proved this to be true and were spent immersed in the Industry, learning various Pilates methods, including Power Pilates, Balanced Body and Stott.

Melissa’s style of teaching focuses on the mind body synergy of Pilates and aids her clients in perfecting their muscle recruitment patterns, such that their work in the studio stays with them outside of the studio, enhancing their everyday life. 

Lauren Tomasulo

Lauren is an accomplished Pilates veteran who is a 2nd generation instructor, training directly under Romana Kryzanowska in New York City and became certified in 1995. Romana was the only student of Joseph Pilates given the reigns to teach his method. 

In 2005, Lauren received another certification from Power Pilates and served as a “host” studio for their Teacher Training before moving on from studio ownership.  She has also studied through the IMX method of Pilates.

Lauren enjoys teaching people and seeing the progress they can make through this method. As a dancer, she still enjoys studying ballet, hiking and learning any new method of movement.

Ready to have a job you love as a Pilates Instructor?