At Studio Verve, we offer an array of classes to meet the needs of our clients and provide outlets for our seasoned Pilates gurus to newbies just starting out.  Not sure where to start?  Book us for a 60 minute private orientation and we’ll curate a detailed schedule of classes that will meet your needs and goals.  Click HERE to our new clients special page to schedule by appointment.

Reformer | VERVE

Intended for beginners and seasoned clients alike, VERVE is our signature format that tones, strengthens and stretches every muscle group and conditions the heart with jumpboard plyometric and other cardio elements mixed in. Sessions follow the format of the day but will serve as a fully balanced session and you will not get bored or take this class twice, instructors are always mixing it up!

With 3-4 sessions per week and our unique programming that is quick paced and designed to keep your heart rate going, toning and losing inches is guaranteed.  Classes feature Intermediate/Advanced options that require deeper stabilization, concentration, coordination, strength, and endurance. But don’t be intimidated- everything can be modified to your personal level.

Private training is recommended for beginners to learn technique and gain strength to keep up in classes. If you think you would benefit from one on one attention, email us or see us after class to get scheduled.

Reformer | FORM

Repetition is the mother of all learning. 

“Study carefully. Do not sacrifice knowledge to speed in building your solid exercise regime …. Follow instructions exactly as indicated down to the very smallest detail. There IS a reason!” Joseph Pilates in his book, Return To Life.

This class is a set sequence of exercises that moves you thru a full body routine taught on the Reformer while emphasizing Pilates fundamentals, form & function. It is a feel good Mind/Body connected session that will make you feel amazing and accomplished, offering you the many benefits of Pilates. The session moves fairly quickly and is a FULL BODY focus, making it a GREAT class for both seasoned and new clients, alike.

Through our FORM session, body awareness is developed, changes and progress are revealed and a foundation of the Pilates Method is established, all essential to your ongoing practice. You will love the simplicity yet effectiveness of the format.

Reformer | RESTORE

Less Hustle – More Grace!

Un-Wind the effects of life in our extremely popular RESTORE format class. This reformer based session improves muscle relaxation, body/postural awareness, movement patterns and range of motion at the shoulder, spine and hip. You will increase flexibility while learning self-traction and release techniques, gaining extra length and decompression of your spine.

Guaranteed to get the kinks out, RESTORE is slow paced with a soothing playlist and delivered with feel good encouragement. Jump board work is not included in this format, allowing you to stay in the “Ahhhh” of Pilates -Enjoy!  Great for beginners and seasoned clients.

Reformer | CARDIO

Endurance & Stamina Challenge

Our CARDIO class is meant to push you outside of your comfort zone. This class moves quickly and tests your endurance and stamina, while challenging the heart. It provides you with the benefits of aerobic training through plyometric jumpboard drills coupled with the same great reformer workout you know and love.

25 minutes of each class includes plyometric jumpboard, lunges, HIIT and other heart pumping movements with 25 minutes of toning and lengthening work. Have a healthy snack ready to go afterwards – you’re going to need it!

Call the studio with any questions or to schedule a private before joining a class. 602-956-0222

Reformer | MIX

Get the amazing benefits of MIXing it up & muscle confusion thru our MIX sessions. 

Take your fitness to a new level & see dramatic results thru this functional fitness class that incorporates work on and off the Reformer and designed for ALL fitness levels.  All movements are cued in progression so there is a “base” movement for beginners.

TRX Suspension Training, Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates & Strength Training are incorporated into one amazing 50-minute class that will keep you on your toes and fly by. Reformer Mix follows our rotating daily focus (posted on our Facebook pages and in the studio) yet serves as a full body session.

This class helps you strengthen and tone muscles, challenge your balance/ core and burn thru calories to lean out, all with low impact, kind to your body movements.

Don’t be shy! MIX up your routine and get out of your comfort zone.  Call the studio with any questions or to schedule a private before joining a class.  602-956-0222