Pilates is a great mind body workout that is perfect for anyone and everyone. Pilates reformer classes are low impact and kind to your joints, but they give you an intense workout. It is a fitness program that brings your mind, body and spirit together in an unstoppable trio that leads to weight loss and vigorous health.

If you have felt overwhelmed by sophisticated equipment or techniques and large classes, you can relax Studio Verve focuses on the individual by hosting private sessions and classes that have 10 people or less. This allows for more one-on-one time with the instructor, and better knowledge of how to correctly do the movements.

The really great thing about pilates is that it focuses on the mind body connection. Unlike yoga, which focuses on the mind and spiritual connection, this fitness workout begins with mental clarity that results in thoughtful, yet powerful workout. It is based on the fitness regimes of Joseph Pilates, who believed in the ancient Greek philosophy that ideal health is based on mind, body and spirit, encompassing the “whole” person. Breathing, alignment and quality are necessary ingredients.

Proper Breathing

Many workouts these days focus on strength, but they forget about the important aspect of proper breathing. When you breathe appropriately, your movements are more efficient. We teach you how to open your diaphragm and focus on your deep abdominal muscles, including your inner transverse abdominis and pelvis floor.

Breath is connected to mindfulness, and in this sense the pilates breathing techniques increase your mental focus on your desired outcome. Through mental discipline and centering your mind, you learn to take control of your physical body. The workout is integrated with precise control of the breath. This means you get a workout that targets the muscles you want to tone and the fat you want to melt away. 

Better Alignment

When you learn pilates, you learn to move more efficiently. This requires excellent posture or alignment and we teach you how do this. You develop your core strength and that allows the rest of your body to relax, taking the pressure off the parts of your body that can be injured from stress – feet, legs and hips. You experience improvement in all the systems of your body through correct alignment and you simply feel better about the way you hold your presence – with radiance and confidence.

Quality Over Quantity

One of the fundamental of pilates is concentration on precision. The quality of the movements is far more important than how many repetitions you are able to do.  Doing fewer repetitions gives you the chance to focus on more than one set of muscle groups and the opportunity to hold the positions correctly, thus avoiding injury. To maintain the proper form and work the muscles accurately requires intense mental concentration, but it gives you extraordinary results. And for those moments, it forces you to let go and be 100% focused on the present.

“A body free from nervous tension and fatigue is the ideal shelter provided by nature for housing a well balanced mind, fully capable of successfully meeting all the complex problems of modern living.” – Joseph Pliates

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Pilates: The Power of Mind Body Connection
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Pilates: The Power of Mind Body Connection
Pilates—The fitness workout for everyone. Restore your mind body connection and get the best workout at Studio Verve Pilates in Pheonix, Az.
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