Try It All For $49Pilates can be intimidating – just look at the equipment. Pair that with a variety of class styles to choose from and a crowd of fit ballerina-esque celeb devotees, you may be a bit nervous to dive into your first class.

Don’t worry, though — you’re not alone. With reformer Pilates studios gaining popularity, more people are jumping on the Pilates bandwagon and getting hooked. Why? It’s simple – Pilates works for every body. Combining strengthening, stretching, and a little cardio in each class, you will leave your sessions feeling like you have just experienced a deeply therapeutic massage. You may walk a little taller, feel a little stronger, and feel more aligned inside an out.

I’m not going to lie; the workouts can be very challenging, but also extremely fun. Not only do you get to glide around on the machine – you can pull the handles, put your feet in loops, and even feel weightless as you jump on our jump boards. Think of it like an adult jungle gym without worrying about falling off the monkey bars.

Before you dive into your first class here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Schedule a private intro session. The best way to calm those nerves is to get started with Pilates in a private session with one of our qualified instructors. No matter your level or experience, we use our first sessions to help everyone get comfortable moving on the equipment. After your session, we can also point you to which classes on our schedule will be the perfect match for you and your fitness goals. – Schedule your session today.
  • Practice a few of our basics at home. A great way to get ready for your first class is to try out a few of the basic moves that we incorporate in all of our classes. Watch the following video to brush up on some foundational core work to get you ready for classes. – Watch now.
  • Come dressed in form fitting clothing and grippy socks. As Pilates instructors, we are taught to read your body. If you are wearing baggy clothes it makes it hard for us to keep an eye on your form and help you execute all of the exercises properly. It also can be a safety hazard for clothing to catch in the springs. Btw – that goes for hair too – didn’t you see that episode of Odd Mom Out?
  • Show up a few minutes early to get acquainted with the equipment, instructor, and overall layout of the studio. It’s as simple as showing up 10 minutes before your first class. That way you can meet the instructor, give them any heads up about any injuries, fill out your waiver, and get comfortable in the studio setting. Most instructors will go over the equipment with you and give you a few need to know instructions before class.
  • Try a variety of classes. We are not a one-trick pony. We offer a variety of different class styles and times to help you find the classes that help you stay on track in your own Pilates practice. From our foundational class Form, heart pounding jump board class Cardio, and even a calming stretch class Restore, there is something for everyone. We even have our own signature style class Verve which combines the best of the above, and TRX hybrid and Mat Pilates hybrid class to boot.

Contact the studio today to get started. We’d love to help you discover Pilates at our Phoenix studio.