When you first start searching for Pilates studios, you will notice that there are a lot of options out there. As the Pilates method has gained popularity, more and more studios are opening and becoming as commonplace as Starbucks. But how do you know which one is going to be the best fit for you?

When you first walk into a studio, it can feel really intimidating. You may notice people in a session doing things that you think there is no way you are going to be able to do. Or, maybe you just see the equipment and start to want to turn back.

But with our helpful tips below, hopefully, you will feel more confident and prepared as you check out local studios and get ready for your first session.

  1. Look for knowledgeable and well-trained staff – Pilates is not regulated like other fitness industries, so it is very important that the trainers are certified through a reputable training program like our own certification through the Pilates Education Institute.

A reputable training program meets the following guidelines:

  • Minimum of 450 training hours
  • Recognition from the Pilates Method Alliance. This organization is beginning to launch a school approval program, but in the meantime, there are guidelines to whether a program helps trainees meet the eligibility requirement to sit for the PMA certification exam, and a good program should.
  • Modules over a period of months to complete and continuing education.
  1. The Vibe and Teaching Style – Like any other fitness class, studios have their own signature feel and style. As you checkout the studio notice if it’s warm and inviting, clean, and if there is an instructor that really speaks to you. Although class formats may be the same, you may notice that you connect with one verse another based on their energy and cueing style. Our studio aims to provide authentic Pilates reformer classes and private training that nurture your mind and body through a variety of offerings. You can learn more about us in this video.
  2. Class Formats/Offerings – Pilates classes come in a wide variety based on the equipment you use to class format – pilates mat classes, reformer pilates classes,TRX and so on. Make sure the studio offers what you are looking for as well as class times that work for your schedule. You can read about all of our classes or check out the schedule here.
  3. Know what your goals are for pursuing Pilates and make sure the studio can accommodate you – If you are interested in weight loss, does the studio offer classes with cardio and are aggressive enough for that purpose? Or are you recovering from a surgery and just got clearance to exercise? If so, you should not go right into a group setting. Private training will be your best option until you’re ready. And if/when you do want to join classes, you’ll want options that have restorative and therapeutic qualities. Learn about private training here or contact the studio to see if it is the right fit for you.
  4. Ask if the studio offers other additional services like nutritional support and health coaching – Good nutrition is 70% of the equation to getting healthy and fit, so if a goal is gaining energy or weight loss – you’ll want some guidance there too! Learn more about our nutritional programs here.
  5. Finally ask yourself, “Is the Pilates studio near me”? – The location of the studio is a huge factor when it comes to making the commitment and sticking to it. Make sure it’s convenient to get to otherwise, you may not find yourself able attend as regularly as you like. Our studio is located in the Arcadia neighborhood in Phoenix, so many of our clients live or work fairly close to that area.

Have you found a studio you love? If not we would love to help you discover if we are a good fit by scheduling a private intro at the studio. Give us a call at 602-956-0222 or email us at hello@studiovervepilates.com.